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Welcome to Istanbul Rail Tech

Between now and 2023, as much as $45 billion is being spent on Turkish railways. For suppliers of rail technologies, Turkey is big market getting bigger; slotting into a $500 billion Eurasia-wide spending programme.

Where can you get a slice of this huge investment? Istanbul Rail Tech, Turkey’s latest event dedicated to railway technologies and solutions. It’s the ideal place for international manufacturers of such products and tech to meet dedicated buyers from across Turkey, the Middle East, and Eurasia.

There are huge amounts of cash at play in the Turkish and region-wide rail sector – and Istanbul Rail Tech puts it in exhibitors’ reach.

Who can you meet at Istanbul Rail Tech?

At Istanbul Rail Tech, you can meet manufacturers of solutions designed to tackle the challenges of modern rail operation. Sectors covered include:

• Digitalisation in Rolling Stock
• Safety systems
• Fuel efficiency technologies
• Rail logistics software
• Station technologies, including ticketing and information systems
• Communications and internet
• Passenger information and mobile applications 
• And many more industry areas

Who will be visiting?

The great and the good of Turkey’s rail institutions, including Turkish State Railways (TCDD), transport ministries, maintenance firms, rolling stock providers, logistics companies, and rail station representatives, will be at Istanbul Rail Tech.

Why Turkey?

So, apart from getting access to Turkey’s key rail decision makers, why should you be at this new event on Turkey’s rail calendar?

As mentioned above, big bucks is being spent across the industry. By 2023, the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, as much as $45 billion will have been invested in the nation’s railway links. This includes huge activity in improving the nationwide network.
What’s in the pipeline? Check out Turkey’s rail plans:

• Construction of 3,500km of high-speed, 8,500km of fast rail line, and 1,000km conventional, boosting the network to 25,000km total length
• Increasing the share of rail passenger transport to 10% of total traffic, and boosting rail’s freight share to 15%
• Liberalisation of Turkish State Railways for faster development and implementation of rail services across the country

Why Istanbul Rail Tech?

Istanbul Rail Tech allows visitors and exhibitors alike the chance to:

• Showcase and check out the latest products hitting the market
• Get right at the heart of Turkey and Eurasia’s rail industry
• Forge new international partnerships
• Gain market intelligence
• Save time and meet new and existing clients in one place, at one event

Istanbul Rail Tech opens its doors for the first time between 11-12 April 2018 at the Istanbul Congress Centre in Turkey’s biggest city. Be there to secure your share of Turkey’s, and the region’s, enormous railway investment.

Want to learn more? Contact our team today.

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