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ITE Transport and Logistics

What can TransPoland offer exhibitors?

Transport and logistics in Poland is a $56.9 billion industry, making it the EU’s seventh largest market for transport services and the largest in Central and Eastern Europe.

TransPoland is the nation’s top industry-specific event – one designed to put transport companies in touch with those requiring their services, in one place, and at one time.

For the past five years, the event has been bringing together Polish and regional visitors in need of cargo carrying services, the latest technologies, and new freight-handling partners. They are met by exhibitors across the globe, that range from one-man-bands through to international carriers.

And those for exhibitors. TransPoland offers plenty of great benefits.

Enter Poland’s huge transport and logistics market

As highlighted above, Poland’s logistics industry is amongst the biggest in the world. Why? Well, in part, it’s down to increased manufacturing and agricultural output since joining the EU, Poland’s resilient economy, and its advantageous location at the heart of Europe.

As Poland is a card-carrying EU member, that means it has free trade status with 27 other European countries. The free-flow of goods between these nations natural necessitates a lot of freight handling. For context, over 1.8 billion tons of cargo was transported via Poland’s different modes in 2015 (the most up-to-date stats at the time of writing).

Exhibitors at TransPoland stand the best chance to grab a share of this massive market. The event is the perfect platform to network and connect with visitors from Poland, the EU, and beyond.

Take advantage of TransPoland’s unique Logistics Networking centre

Another string to TransPoland’s bow is its unique business programme featuring the Logistics Networking centre. This is exactly what it sounds like: a hub for visitors and exhibitors to connect and deal-make in one convenient location.

2016’s show put together exhibiting companies with some truly giant companies. Multi-nationals and giant retailers which took part in the Logistics Networking event in 2016 include:

•    Rossmann
•    Decathlon
•    Philips
•    Nestle
•    Auchan

The Logistics Networking centre is also completely free. Companies that wish to take part do not have to pay any extra fees or costs. Please visit the TransPoland website for more information.

Get exposure to thousands of visitors

Over 4,500 visitors from 34 countries made their way to Warsaw to visit TransPoland. That means exhibitors were not just chatting with Polish industry professionals - they also got face-to-face contact with attendees from as far afield as the US and China.

Visitor numbers are only expected to grow too. At 2017’s event, over 5,500 industry professionals are anticipated to take part in the show. For exhibitors, that’s an extra 1,000 faces to meet and network with.

Enjoy TransPoland’s comprehensive business programme

As well as the Logistics Networking opportunities available at TransPoland, there is also the exhibition’s comprehensive business programme too. This is where sector experts come together to share insider knowledge on the market, the hottest trends, best practices, and how best to succeed in Poland’s transport and logistics industry. 

This year’s programme occurs across all of the show’s three days. Up for discussion at TransPoland 2017 is:

•    Production, distribution, and trade
•    Practical aspects of the transport business
•    Safety and security in warehousing and logistics

Want to get all the insights on offer at 2017’s show? Be at TransPoland.

TransPoland: Central & Eastern Europe’s biggest transport and logistics event

If you want to grow your business leads in the region’s foremost transport and logistics industry, then TransPoland 2017 is the show for you.

To book your stand, or to get more information on what makes this show a must-attend event for all transportation professionals, then please contact us today.


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