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Eurasia Rail 2021

Eurasia Rail 2021
25 NOV
8th International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure & Logistics Exhibition
ISTANBUL, TURKEY 25-27 November, 2021 Go to the website
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Event Overview

Eurasia Rail - International Rolling Stock, Infrastructure & Logistics Exhibition is the 'one and only' rolling stock exhibition in Turkey and the third biggest worldwide in its field.

Business opportunities in the market continue to increase as a result of this investment, and Eurasia Rail remains the key platform in the Eurasian region that showcases railway and railway infrastructure products and technologies.

UFI approved since 2012, Eurasia Rail is supported by:
- The Republic of Turkey Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs, and Communications
- TCDD (Turkish State Railways)
- TÜVASAŞ (Turkish Wagon Industry Inc.)
- TÜDEMSAŞ (Turkish Railway Machines Industry Inc.)
- TÜLOMSAŞ (Turkish Locomotive and Engine Industry Inc.)

Go to the Eurasia Rail 2021 website
  • Local & international rolling stock operators
  • Local & international municipalities
  • Heavy industry establishments
  • Construction establishments
  • Local & international media
  • Local & international finance corporations
  • Engineering & consultancy establishments
  • Rolling stock wholesalers, retailers
  • Military bodies
  • Technology establishments
  • Electrification & signalisation establishments
  • Infrastructure establishments
  • Spare parts producers
  • Railway institutions
  • Railway technology services
  • Railway security services
  • Rail vehicles & passenger services
  • Rail logistics
  • Railway infrastructure
  • Light rail systems
  • Urban rail technology
  • Public transport services
  • Communication technology
  • Data processing installation services
  • Logistics
  • Construction services
  • Heavy industry
  • Tunnel construction services
  • Electrification & signalisation services
  • Wholesalers
  • Public corporations