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3 breakbulk cargo projects in the ASEAN

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) promises much for project cargo operators. As a collection of 10 states, in varying stages of economic development, the ASEAN is bursting with large scale industrial and infrastructure developments - all requiring oversized components and cargoes. 
A variety of different states make up the Association. When founded in 1967, the group of countries was originally made up of Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia. It has subsequently expanded and now the ASEAN counts Vietnam, Laos, Brunei, Cambodia and Myanmar amongst its members. 
Many transport companies are already uncovering the potential in the ASEAN. Here, we take a look at three successful breakbulk deliveries in the region  to give a flavour of the kind of ultra-heavy cargo in need of transportation in Southeast Asia and the demand for specialised transport services. 

A look at breakbulk operations in the ASEAN 

Location: Penegrang, Johor, Malaysia 
Cargo: 1,950 ton rapid boiler 
Transport company: Roll Group 
Date: January 2017 
Johor is one of Malaysia’s most development-intensive regions. A wealth of colossal projects here are underway, none smaller than the Penegrang Integrated Petroleum Complex. The PIPC is a 20,000-acre oil and gas refinery, currently under construction, which has attracted  attract $27 billion in investment so far. 
Being a massive mineral refining facility, the need for oversized components at the site is ongoing. Dutch shipping firm Roll Group transported oversized boiler blocks and combustor units from Taiwan to Malaysia in January 2017.  
The consignment was delivered on behalf of heat transfer specialist NEM Energy and included two boiler blocks, each weighing nearly 2,000 tons, two bulky combustor units and various air fan-ducting structures and multiple steel frames.  
“Because of the weight of the cargo, Roll Group engineers had to reinforce the loadout quay as in its original state the quay strength was insufficient to handle the load. For this, we used 150 pieces of steel beams, enabling us to spread the load over a larger area,” a spokesperson for Roll Group said.  
The project was handled jointly by Roll group subsidiaries Roll-Lift and RollDock. The cargo was transported aboard the heavy-lift vessel RollDock Sky and loaded by Roll-Lift using 72 axle lines of self-propelled modular transporter to roll the boiler blocks and combustor units.  
Headquartered in Capelle aan den IJssel in the Western Netherlands, Roll Group provides heavy-lift marine solutions along with engineered heavy-lifting onshore and transportation services. 
Location: Port of Singapore to Port Pirie, Australia  
Cargo: 530 ton Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) 
Transport company: AAL 
Date: September 2016 
Because of its location, countries in the AESAN also make excellent bases for the shipping of cargo throughout Asia, Australasia and the world at large. In this case, the Port of Singapore, one of the region’s busiest seaports, was used by transport firm AAL as its starting point when moving a huge electrostatic precipitator to Australia. 
The ESP module weighed 530 tonnes and measured 41 metres in length and 21 metres in height. It is the largest component shipped to date for Pirie’s ongoing Redevelopment Project.  
AAL shipped the ESP module aboard its vessel AAL Dampier as part of a wider end-to-end logistics operation managed by the industrial projects division of international supply chain operator Geodis.  
The ESP module was destined for one of the world’s largest primary lead smelting facilities, operated by mining and metals processing firm Nyrstar.

“For AAL it reinforces our reputation as a trusted heavy-lift specialist with the right tonnage and expertise to meet any multipurpose shipping demands. For Geodis it marks another successful stage in its seamless execution of this project, and Nyrstar takes delivery of a component that will significantly improve the environmental performance of its site as part of the delivery of the Redevelopment Project,” said Marc Willim, General Manager of AAL’s Tramp and Projects division.  
Based in Singapore, AAL is a member of Cypriot investment group Schoeller Holdings. The company provides breakbulk, heavy-lift and project cargo services worldwide to the energy, oil and gas, mining, forestry, leisure, agriculture and construction sectors. 
Location: Bontang, Borneo, Indonesia 
Cargo: Shore-ship loader cargoes
Transport company: Intermax 
Date: April 2015
Manufacturing is a major economic contributor for many ASEAN states, particularly Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Billions is being poured into construction of new factories across the region, or in upgrading existing facilities - including product storage and handling. This is leading to a higher demand for superheavy freight, as specialised, oversized components are often required in industrial manufacturing.  
InterMax Logistic Solution delivered shore ship loader cargoes to a fertilizer manufacturer in Indonesia in April 2015. The shipment consisted of 48 pieces, totaling 2,900 cubic meters with a weight of 265 tons. The heaviest piece of the loader weighed 68 tons and measured 25 meters long. Cargo Equipment Experts said in a statement on behalf of its China-based member.  
InterMax used two flatbed barges from its own fleet serving the Yangtze River. The cargo was collected in Nantong and carried to the Port of Shanghai, where it was loaded on a chartered ocean vessel. The vessel sailed to Bontang, Indonesia, where the shore ship loader was discharged.  
It will be used for loading bulk solid material like iron and coal. InterMax engaged its own experienced staff to supervise and sign responsible for the whole process, including loading, sea-river connection and unloading in Indonesia. 

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