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Exhibitions in Indonesia – Why do they work?

Trade shows offer companies unparalleled access to markets that could have previously been viewed as a touch elusive – particularly in developing economies. Subsequently, events such as these have weaved their way into the fabric of a nation’s business network – especially in Indonesia.
According the European-Indonesia Business Network, over 400 events take place in Indonesia each year.
There are a number factors related to the popularity of such events amongst the Indonesian business community. Here, Market Insights takes a look at what makes trade exhibitions vital to success in Indonesia and why they work so well.
Want to do business in Indonesia? Forge relationships early
Business in Indonesia begins and ends with strong, friendly relationships between individuals. Indonesian business owners, at all levels, prefer to build up good relations with prospective partners. However, making that initial point of contact can seem difficult, maybe even intimidating, for first timers. 
Exhibitions allow international business people to begin to forge these grass roots connections with the key players operating across Indonesia’s various industry sectors. Negotiations and deals move slowly in Indonesia, compared with more developed nations, which means taking those first steps towards building strong links, commercially, is critical. 
Trade exhibitions are the ideal platform for this. Indonesians want to meet international clients and partners, which they can do easily at major trade events.
Major companies make trade shows a priority
Another big factor in the success of exhibitions in Indonesia is the fact they garner the attention of major international companies. These firms realise the importance of face-to-face contact when establishing Indonesian contacts. Likewise,  Indonesia want to attract multi-national corporations. 
Subsequently, shows, such as transport and logistics expo TransAsia, have become staples on business calendars across the archipelago nation and, indeed, the world – regardless of industry focus or sector.
Trade shows offer benefits no other medium can 
Perhaps the biggest factor determining the success of trade shows in Indonesia is the fact they can offer benefits no other medium can. While Indonesia is a tech savvy nation, with Jakarta being the most Twitter-active city in the world, human contact is what drives business. Sometimes analogue is better than digital.
So what exactly can trade shows offer attendees, be they visitors or exhibitors? Let’s look at a rundown of the big benefits:
• The cost of contact with one representative of a company’s target audience at an exhibition or trade fair is markedly cheaper than any other means of advertising - often by as much as 45%.
• Visitors can get hands on with the latest innovative products and services, whereas exhibitors can enjoy a captive audience to which they can demonstrate their latest innovations.
• Exhibitions, especially ones that attract a worldwide audience, are neutral ground. Beyond establishing contacts, companies can use them to scope out the competition and get to grips with changes in the market.
• Attending means you can get grips with a foreign market in a comparatively short space of time.
• Market research is made easier. Indonesian companies want to know more about international business’, their services and practices and vice versa. 
Exhibitions work in Indonesia for a variety of reasons. Namely, the ability to forge strong business relationships, make headway with huge international corporations and the multitudinous benefits trade shows can offer. 
Attending an ITE trade show is the smart way to make inroads into Indonesia. Don’t miss out on the opportunities they can bring.


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