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Iran demands expertise and investment in infrastructure development

With the removal of the Iranian sanctions looking to come to fruition in Q1 of 2016, businesses in Europe are gearing up for a rush in one of the world’s most lucrative emerging markets says Raj Venugopal, key account manager at GAW Technologies.

In this space, the Iranian infrastructure sector is shaping to be one of the most profitable and most lucrative areas of for any Western company seeking to do business in Iran. Years of sanctions have given rise to the opportunity for Western businesses to supplement and spearhead the growth of the continuously expanding Iranian infrastructure. The decreasing dependence on road-transit in favour of rail-based transport gives an opportunity for electrification and modernisation technologies to flourish in the Iranian market.

In turn, further sub-sector increasing demands in infrastructure including power generation, water & agriculture, transportation and construction will give sustained investment potential to medium and long-term projects for any Western business prospecting in breaking into the Iranian market. 

"Sanctions compliance notwithstanding, businesses and entities seeking to do trade in Iran must understand the commercial risk of doing business in Iran through political, financial, legal & security contexts."
Areas where the Iranian economy predominantly lacks is development, design, engineering and joint investment for production and export. In this aspect Western businesses can help to bridge the gap by investing in the above sectors and assisting in transfer of technology through joint venture collaboration and partnership with the private sector.

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