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4 brand new Russian logistics centres to get excited about

Russia is big. Enormously big. Big to the point where it spans 11 time zones, borders both Finland and Korea, and covers a surface area larger than some planets. Moving goods around the world’s largest country not only requires strong transport links – but strategically placed logistics hubs too.

Logistics hubs: essential to Russia’s transport vision

Russia’s Transport Strategy 2030, laid down by the Ministry of Transport back in 2012, specified the growing need for more logistics hubs and warehousing space around the country.
Mid-way through 2017, and it looks like Russia is on course toward greatly expanding the availability of world-class logistical centres nationwide. Many millions of dollars have been assigned to the construction of fresh facilities from the back end of 2016, the present day, and into the future.

With a growth in the number of centres being built throughout Russia comes a higher demand for the related technologies. So picking and fulfilment, cargo tracking, and other sector-specific equipment, machinery, and tech is required to outfit these centres.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the big logistics centre projects in the pipeline, and those that have already put into use throughout Russia.

Russian logistics centres project pipeline

$17.5 million logistics hub in Orenburg

Both nations are CIS member states, as well as Eurasian Economic Union members too. In short, trade between the pair is a big deal.

That’s why 2018 will welcome to the opening of a new $17.5 million logistics centre located in Sol-Iletsk, Orenburg, close to the 6,800 km long Russia-Kazakhstan.
According to regional authorities, the Orenburg’s newest complex will cover an area of 40,000 square metres.

The main purpose of this logistics centre will be to boost trade turnover between Russia and Kazakhstan, as Orenburg sits on the main rail and road routes facilitating cross-border trade.
Between Jan-Feb 2017, 22% of Kazakhstan’s foreign trade was focussed on Russia, reaching a total turnover of $2.425 billion ($671.5 million in Kazakh exports to Russia, and $1.7 billion in imports). Orenburg’s regional government is expecting this latest logistics hub to greatly increase volumes once it enters operation in 2018.

$18 million logistics centre in Leningrad

Leningrad is home to St. Petersburg – one of Russia’s busiest sea ports – and represents a big chunk of Russia’s economic output and transport activity. 

In May 2017, a new $18 million centre was put into operation at St. Petersburg Marino industrial park. Over 20,000 sqm of space has been opened up, specifically for storage and distribution of automobile parts and manufactured goods in the city.

While this is good news for transporters in Russia’s second city, it is not the whole story. Phase two of Marino’s investors centre masterplan is expected to kick off in 2018 with a 2020 end date.

This will be focussed in Kronstadt, and will boast four warehouse complexes with a total area of 60,000 sqm, and a 12,000 sqm distribution centre. Investors say total capital needed to fulfil the Kronstadt project will come to around $46 million.

Freight Village Vorsino

Freight Village Vorsino is part of JSC Freight Village Kaluga’s expanding portfolio of dedicated transport and logistics sites. Currently under construction, Vorsino promises to add much needed acreage into Moscow/Kaluga’s commercial real estate mix.

Built alongside some of the key transport infrastructure of the Moscow/Kaluga border region, Vorsino boasts its own rail and road terminals, plus a variety of distribution centres, boosting the site’s potential capacity through the roof.

Some of JSC Freight Village Kaluga’s claims might be a bit ambitious – it hopes Vorsino’s rail terminal will have a capacity of 500,000 TEUs at peak capacity for example – but this has not deterred foreign sector-related investors.

Germany’s Karl Schmidt Spedition GmbH & Co has invested 2 billion roubles (roughly $333 million) into Vorsino so far, including the purchasing of 35,600 sqm of A-class warehousing. Karl Schmidt has signed a 20-year contract to run Vorsino’s integrated logistics infrastructure too, such as its container yard.

5,000 sqm complex in Rostov-on-Don

At the tail end of May 2017, Rostov-on-Don welcomed not only its largest logistics terminal, but the largest in Russia’s southern climes too.

Regional administrators state that this site covers 5,000 sqm and can store up to 10,000 Europallets. The complex was built to handle storage and processing of food and non-food products. 

Indeed, as Russia becomes a world leader in agriproducts and food exports, similar facilities dedicated to handling food and drink items are being built at a furious pace across Russia.

The designers of Rostov-on-Don’s latest warehouse hub say a lot of advanced technologies have been put in place there. 

They claim all machinery used is environmentally friendly, does not produce any atmospheric pollutants, and allows workers to store and handle cargo up to a height of 15 metres. A fully-automated electronic warehousing document management system will be put in place here too.

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