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ITE Transport and Logistics

Transport & Logistics in Russia: your FREE market guide

After years of underperformance, Russia’s transport and logistics sector is back.

Across the board, freight volumes, both domestic and international, are rising once more, heralding a return to pre-crisis cargo volumes and market potential.

As much as $150 billion in deals is available to those companies willing to enter Russia. With such huge capital on the table, the nation is quickly re-emerging as one of the world’s foremost transport and logistics markets for international companies.

To uncover the opportunities in the world’s largest country’s transportation market, download this free 18-page guide covering everything you need to know.
Inside “Transport & Logistics in Russia: Returning to Growth” you’ll find:

1.    Transport & Logistics in Russia: An Overview
2.    Sector Spotlights on individual transport modes
3.    Ease of doing business in Russia
4.    4Useful contacts & resources

Get Russian transport & logistics market insights

Download your copy today for an in-depth look at how Russia’s logistics providers are benefitting from Russia’s economic recovery - and how your company can benefit too.

Click here to download your free copy Transport & Logistics in Russia: Returning to Growth.


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