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Foreign railway technology suppliers winning big in Turkey

$45 billion is being poured into the development of Turkish railways until at least 2023, deepening the pockets of the nation’s key rail tech buyers. For foreign rolling stock and technology suppliers, the opportunities to expand their regional presence and revenue streams are getting bigger day-on-day.

Some companies have already noted gaps in the market and filling them as Turkey’s search for the very best in railway-related solutions and associated tech goes global. So who are the international companies supplying the Turkish rail network? Read on to find out.

Turkish rail stock sourced from around the world

Turkey is currently undertaking a multi-million dollar rolling stock upgrade programme, and has tied in some established overseas manufacturers to help meet demand.

High-speed is a key area of rail development for Turkey. It has invested heavily in rapid rolling stock, partnering with international companies on several lines. In 2016, Germany’s Siemens supplied six Velaro D-trainsets for use on the Ankara-Konya line for example. A further 10 sets are to be bought by TCDD, Turkey’s national rail operater, towards 2023.
Total spending on high-speed trains is expected to reach $2.8 billion by the above date. A total of 106 new trains will be bought by 2023.

Part of the process of supplying rolling stock to Turkey involves partnering with local manufacturers to build units at Turkish production sites. Bombardier, headquartered in Canada, has signed a deal with local manufacturer Bozankaya to provide new carriages to TCDD in the coming years, demonstrating this process.

Hyundai-Rotem is also getting in on the action. It inked an agreement with Turkish rail authorities in 2014 to construct and deliver 80 electric locomotives to the nationwide network. The first eight sets were built at Hyundai-Rostem’s South Korean fabrication plants. Turkey’s Tülomsaş is responsible for building the rest. Interestingly, electrical components for this project are being supplied all way from the Czech Republic courtesy of Skoda Transport – demonstrating the international approach Turkey’s rail sector is taking regarding rail stock.

Foreign companies have decades-old presences in Turkish railway sector

Some international companies have long roots in Turkey after years of fostering strong business relationships with the sector-members who matter most. Bombardier has had a presence in the nation since 1989, beginning by supplying its CITYFLO 250 signalling systems to the Istanbul metro, and it has only grown its market share since then. 

More recently, apart from the deal to begin manufacturing trains as detailed earlier, Bombardier installed its INTERFLO 250 European Railway Traffic Management System (ERTMS) on the Irmak-Karabük-Zonguldak route in 2014.

France’s Alstom has had a long, successful history supplying railway technology to Turkey. It has been offering rail solutions to Turkish train operators for over 60 years, displaying how, with the proper partners, international businesses can forge lasting connections with the Turkish rail sector. At present, Alstom is manufacturing bogies and suspension for the high-speed sector alongside Durmazlar (a domestic rail car producer).

Specialist rail-related technologies in high demand in Turkey, supplied by international manufacturers
With thousands of kilometres of extra track under construction, Turkey is experiencing high demand for attendant trackside technologies, including lighting, track monitoring, and signalling. Crucially, It is looking beyond its borders to satiate its needs.

Signalling is an area where international companies are scoring big wins. Thales, one of the pioneers of European Train Control Systems (ETCS) in Turkey, provided $10 million worth of signalling equipment, including its ETCS Level 1 solution, to the Ankara-Istanbul line. This is one of the busiest routes in Turkey, carrying 17 million passengers a year.

Siemens has also made its mark on rail signalling in Turkey, and looks set to continue enjoying a significant market presence. In August 2016, the German company was chosen to fit its Trackguard Westrace electronic interlocking systems, point machines, level crossing technology, and ETCS control systems for the 380km Samsun-Kalin route.
One of Turkey’s biggest rail-related developments, perhaps one of the greatest anywhere in the world, is the Marmaray metro project – an undersea tunnel linking Istanbul’s Asian and European halves. While the tunnel’s first phase was inaugurated in 2013, it is an ongoing concern.
Mitsubishi Electric, amongst the world’s foremost automation experts, is providing electrical station and line monitoring systems. In the context of the Marmaray development, Mitsubishi supplying electronic redundancy systems, including 37,000 hardware monitoring and control points, 107 software monitoring and control points, 750 operator control monitors, and 100km of communication lines.

The above is only a small cross-section of the brands and companies helping Turkey establish a cutting-edge, ultra-efficient, modern railway network. Demand for the latest technological solutions is going to last in Turkey until at least 2023, and the nation’s rail figures are likely to remain internationally-minded when it comes to finding suppliers.

Istanbul Rail Tech connects suppliers with Turkey’s rail sector

For manufacturers of rolling stock and rail technology, Istanbul Rail Tech makes the perfect platform to find Turkish partners and expand their regional operations. This event provides worldwide companies with a gateway to Turkey’s massive railway sector, alongside the wider Eurasian market.

Across two packed days, exhibitors will be able to:

•    Showcase their products which are at the heart of the railway industry
•    Forge new international partnerships
•    Gain market knowledge
•    Meet current and new clients at one time in one place
•    Promote their products with industry-specific media

If you are interested in exhibiting at Istanbul Rail Tech, or you wish to learn more about the show, contact our team today.


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