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Turkey’s top 10 private rolling stock fleet owners

Turkey’s rail network is undergoing some major changes, with liberalisation chief amongst them. Turkish railways are opening up to the private sector with 35% of all freight wagons being owned and run by independent operators. As such, rolling stock fleets are set to grow, opening up a new sector for manufacturers to explore.

Turkey is hurling money into upgrading its train fleets via state-owned operator TCDD. Despite this, there are several companies operating outside of the mass-transport sphere that all require their own fleets; companies which account for 20% of the over 20,000 freight wagons in use on Turkey’s railway today.

Turkey’s leading private rolling stock operators

It will come as no surprise to find that the majority of Turkey’s biggest private rail fleet owners operate in the transport and logistics industry. Here are the top ten owners of private rolling stock throughout Turkey:

10. Proservis Express – Proservis Express, a transport and logistics company, has its headquarters in Izmit in Northwest Turkey. It runs cargo facilities across the country, meaning it has acquired a fleet of 90 wagons, most of which are container transporters.

9. Turkon Railway – Established in 2005 as a subsidiary of multi-modal service providers Turkon Holdings, Turkon Railway is quickly emerging as a force to be reckoned within the Turkish rail transport sector. Turkon Railway operates a 121-container wagon fleet, servicing its parent company’s maritime vessels and shipyards.

8. Aslan Maritime – A running trend in Turkey’s private rail stock users’ operations is using rail as part of multi-modal networks. Aslan Maritime complements its sea vessels and trucks with a fleet of 132 container wagons.

7. KLN Logistics – The Kolin Group ranks amongst Turkey’s biggest construction companies, but has recently been diversifying its portfolio out into the transport and logistics realm. Part of this expansion came in the form of serious investment in rolling stock, leading to purchasing of 160 container wagons ran by its transportation-subsidiary KLN Logistics.

6. ICDAS – ICDAS’ 176 Eanoss-type freight wagons show how companies unrelated to logistics services are buying and running their own wagon fleets – and how suppliers can find other buyers for their products. The company, the second largest steel producer in Turkey, runs 176 Eanoss-type freight wagons at present.

5. Reysas – Reysas is a leading LSP in Turkey, offering everything from automotive logistics to fuel and oil transportation. Rail transport is a key part of Reysas’ transport mix, and it is a significant investor in rail stock. At the time of writing, the company possesses 230 freight wagons.

4. Medlog – Medlog is owned by the Meditteranean Shipping Company (aka the world’s biggest container shipping firm), meaning it has vast reserves to draw on when purchasing wagons. Medlog Turkey currently has 115 SGSS60 and 140 LAAGS type container wagons at is disposable, deploying them in a Turkey-wide multi-modal network.

3. Rayser & Serifrat – Both Rayser and Serifat are owned by the same parent company so we have combined their fleet sizes together for the sake of convenience. Collectively, the transportation firms operate 267 freight wagons.

2. Tupras – Turpas is Turkey’s only oil refiner, making it one of the nation’s biggest companies. With an annual output of 28.1 million tons of crude, Turpas needs its own wagon fleet to move its products around Turkey and off to ports for export purposes. After signing one Turkey’s most significant rolling purchase orders in recent years, Turpas’ fleet currently totals 452 wagons.

1. Ar-Gü – Ar-Gü is the rail transport wing of Arkas Holdings. As the rail-specific subsidiary of Turkey’s largest container transport companies, you can expect Ar-Gü’s flee to dwarf the competition. According to the company’s website, Ar-Gü runs the following:

•    256 RGS type wagons
•    100 RGNS type wagons
•    94 REGS type wagons
•    166 SGS type wagons
•    90 LAAGS type wagons

In total, Ar-Gü operates 706 container wagons – outstripping Tupras’ fleet by some margin.

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